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Keeping up on Roof Maintenance

For pressure washing or roof maintenance work, you can count on Fenix Roof Wash for the most thorough cleaning in Lynnwood, Washington. We use the latest technology in pressure washing and air cleaning to prolong the life of your roof by years. You know your roof is a large investment—why not treat it like one? Fenix Roof Wash remains very competitive in pricing and will not be undersold.

Before & After Pressure Washing

Pressure Washing for Roofs, Gutters, & More

It all starts with an estimate. If you notice debris or grime on your roof, have one of our professionals stop by to have a look. Every estimate is prepared on a laptop computer right at your residence. You can tell us if you'd like to proceed immediately, or take some time to think about it and call us back--we'll keep the estimate safely on file.

Once you're ready to hire us, the Fenix Roof Wash team gets right to work, using state-of-the-art technologies to deliver the most spotless, detailed cleaning possible. Even after we complete the job, you'll get unparalleled customer service whenever you need it. Along with roofing and gutters, you can also enlist our experts to pressure wash your driveway.